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Vigilog is an easy to use, Java based log file viewer designed to support on-the-fly filtering, color filters and much more.



Vigilog Crack Full Version

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Lines starting with % will be preceded with the keyword KEYMACRO.

There are three types of filters:

String: A specific string is searched
Number: A number is compared
All: All events will be displayed

Examples of use are:

%FILEINPUT: Reads from %filein
%filein: Reads from %filein
%%FILEINPUT: Reads from the specified file

A simple log-file-like line could look like this:
%FILEINPUT: %path%\log.txt

Set Filters:

Choose “Set filters” and give names to the filters
Add filters

When filters are added they will be added to the end of the list and will be displayed in the menu below the filter list. Filters can be added on the fly and they will be applied as soon as possible.


When you click on the “Change colors” button, the filter list is updated with the new color and the old one is disabled.


As soon as you click on a filter, the filter list will be enabled.

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Vigilog With Registration Code

Vigilog is a small Java viewer for Windows based log files and other similar text files. It supports “color” filters (background or foreground), “date” filters, “time” filters, and you can combine several filters.

Vigilog has a minimalistic GUI and supports the following formats:

– D-Shell, C-Shell, SQL, Text, IP log files, Web log files, text files etc.

It’s stand-alone (no dependencies). Vigilog runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.


– Integrates into your system tray

– Supports several formats: Text files, HTML files, SQL and D-Shell logs

– Filters:
– Text, dates, times, times and dates combined (background color),
and more
– Text, dates, times, times and dates combined (foreground color),
and more

– Single/double click on log/html files for viewing

– Supports multiple monitors

– Minimalistic GUI

– User-defined fonts

– Automatic update (see the Setup page)

– Supports for’server’ and ‘database’ mode

– Automatic, free log cleaning (see the Setup page)


– Java 1.6.0, 1.5.0 and 1.4.2 are supported
– All dependencies are included (java.util.logging, jdk version 1.6+)

– You can add a third-party font for Vigilog’s GUI:

– You can download and use the following:
– Meld
– Diff

What’s New In?

An easy-to-use, open source log file viewer. Vigilog is a fast and easy to use tool for log analysis. Vigilog allows you to see log messages chronologically, allowing you to quickly scan through the whole history of log messages for an application.

A Color-sensitive log viewer

Java-based, no installation

Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

Fully Unicode compatible

Supports multiple levels of log detail

Supports files and console based logging

Supports JSON and CSV log formats

Supports sorting, searching, filtering and highlighting of data

Single and multi-monitor display support

Fully resizeable, scrollable and multi-column.

Free, open source software, including documentation.

A Java-based, fast and efficient log file viewer.

Supports multiple levels of logging detail.

Supports multiple monitors.

Supports JSON and CSV log formats.

Supports sorting, filtering and highlighting of data.

Supports display of messages in a variety of styles and colours, including, but not limited to bold, italic, underline, strike through and monospaced.

The default colours are inherited from the Operating System.

While supported, there is no support for the following log file formats:

LF (Unix),



Version History:


May 18, 2018

*Bug Fixes


Mar 12, 2017

*Bug Fixes


Mar 12, 2017

*Bug Fixes


Mar 12, 2017

*New Features


Jan 14, 2017

*Bug Fixes


Jan 5, 2017

*Bug Fixes


Nov 20, 2016

*Bug Fixes


Oct 20, 2016

*New Features


Oct 17, 2016

*Bug Fixes


Oct 14, 2016

*Bug Fixes


Oct 12, 2016

*Bug Fixes


Oct 12, 2016

*New Features


Oct 12, 2016

*Bug Fixes


Oct 12, 2016

*Bug Fixes


Oct 12, 2016

*New Features

*Release Notes


Oct 12, 2016

*Abrasive Banner

The developers have finally decided to include

System Requirements For Vigilog:

• Windows XP SP3 or later
• Intel® or AMD® compatible x64-based computer
• Internet Explorer 7 or newer
• Java™ 1.6
• 8 GB of free space in the program directory
When you have multiple tabs open, you need to hold Ctrl (or Shift) and drag a tab to rearrange the tabs. Do not drag a tab between browser windows. For example, if you have 5 tabs open and then go to another application, if you drag a tab from one browser window to the other

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