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Subsection A:A?

is added by the questioner

As a result I’m not able to reproduce the files anymore.
The tag. file and the 2 folders content, from which it is extracted, seems to be a special file, containing the tags of the avi files. It is NOT a binary or text file.

The file properties in Windows Explorer look like this:

During the extraction process, the antivirus found a virus using an obfuscated filename. The file was deleted after that, probably so that it wouldn’t show up in the antivirus database.
From the description of the file properties in Explorer, it seems like it is a HTML-file but does not display HTML-content, it seems to be a kind of document-writer that encodes the files.
Any application can decode the document, which makes it also available as a text file, that can be easily decrypted by a little bit of patience.
The file may also have been renamed by the application to avoid detection by the antivirus.
The avi files did not decoded, as the AV explained, using the filename tag.zip but because the antivirus couldn’t find any other filename, it was added after the filename tag, tag..

I have no idea what the file is used for.

Subsection B: Windows

can be replaced by this link

A text was not found in the description in Subsection B.

Section I – List of file extensions, supported by the software

Subsection B: List of file extensions

can be replaced by this link

The filename was changed by the application to the virus-name, to avoid detection by the AV.

Section II – Description and operation

Subsection B: Description and operation

can be replaced by this link

The document was not decoded properly.
The reason why you get a *.zip-file with all your files may be that your antivirus blocked the software. Many antiviruses are set to block software like that. You can use a different antivirus, if you wish.
We don’t know what the file contains. The antivirus can’t tell us any more than that.

Section III – Full description of the software

Subsection B: Full description of the software

can be replaced


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